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Bycroft Artisan Meat by Bycroft Rural Ltd brings you North Canterbury drug free Suftex and Suffolk lamb processed for like minded people and delivered from the farm to your door.

Chris Carthy Master Butcher of Bycroft Rural: “We are conscious of what we put into the sheep and on the land because it will eventually be eaten by my family and our customers.”

The lambs grow without any hinderance or stress on natural pastures in their natural surroundings. This sets the flavour of the meat and it is delicious!

It is Jonny Schwass’ lamb of choice for his Christchurch restaurant Harlequin Public House, and we are very proud to provide Jonny and our customers with our lamb.

Chris is a master butcher and
has been in the industry for over 35 years.

He personally handles and oversees the growing, fattening, processing and packaging.

Chris Carthy: “What I enjoy about what I do is the joy of watching what I produce make an impact
in peoples live’s…and the wonderful feedback I get from it. It’s great safe meat for families and friends.”

Our philosophy is simple - we believe in nature to do it’s thing. We are responsible, biodiverse, drug free meat growers. We believe in using the entire animal so there is no waste and we sell either whole or sides of lamb.

For door to door ordering email or call Chris Carthy at or
0274 887 401 for a list of cutting options and prices.