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Product Information

BRL Rock Minerals+ is an outstanding soil remineraliser that will nourish your soil and feed plants. 

It is a combination of finely crushed rock-dusts alongside seaweed, fish, and beneficial soil micro-organisms. PLUS additional Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Boron and Lime have been added.

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About BRL Rock Minerals+

One of the differentiating components of this fertiliser is the addition of rock dust. Rock dust consists of finely crushed rock, processed by natural or mechanical means, containing minerals and trace elements widely used in organic farming practices. It is finely ground to allow it to be more readily broken down by the processes under the soil.  

A few of the rock dusts that are used in agriculture include RPR (reactive phosphate rock), limestone, serpentine, dolomite, basalt, granite, gypsum and greensand (which is primarily glauconite – a potassium, iron, aluminum silicate).  

The volcanic rocks basalt and granite often contain very good levels of essential macro-compounds, trace elements, and micronutrients. Rock dust on its own is not a fertiliser, because it lacks the qualifying levels of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.  

The benefit of the addition of a quality volcanic rock dust to the soil is in the remineralisation that takes place. This is the return of minerals to the soil which had been lost by erosion, leaching, and or

  • Use on fruit, vegetables, flower gardens, trees and grass

  • PH of 6.3 

  • Available in resealable 5kg bags

  • Coming soon 20kg bags

  • Large quantities POA

  • Proudly made in NZ

Community Support

We believe in giving back. 

We want to positively impact and improve the health and wellbeing of others, especially to assist vulnerable families in New Zealand.

We want to teach the young ones how to grow their own nutrient dense fruit and vegetables, using our soil remineraliser.

With your help we can support others.


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